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shade_system_retractable_shade_sail_shade_sail_ installer_sunshieldsail_


The most innovative Sun Protection Solution of all time

Steven Chang, Restaurateur

Since we've been using the Sunshield, our customers have loved sitting outside. Since using the Sunshield, we have achieved 45% more profit in our outdoor area. So the Sunshield had paid for itself within 4 months. The next Sunshield has already been ordered.

Thai Chi, Indonesia

The size of the sunshield was decisive for the investment in the sunshield. Here we can cover several playground equipment, slides, sandpit, swings. Now we can make the outdoor areas accessible to the children during the breaks without any worries.

Karen and Jeff, Residential

A great system. Self-sufficient and so comfortable. The best thing is the height adjustment, you can even stay outside in the rain. Outdoorliving at the best.

Melanie, Mother

Due to the enormous size, I was able to cover my pool. Now my kids can stay in the pool for hours without getting sunburned.

Lisa and Michael, private individuals

So many advantages over conventional sun protection systems. We love it.

Star Children Kindergarten, Hamburg

The use of the sunshield has caused the revenue from my outdoor terrace to skyrocket. The Sunshield paid for itself very quickly.

What Customers say

SunShield's partners are the Dealers and Distributors with the highest quality construction and with the most integrity. These companies convey loyalty and professionalism and are the leaders in their respective industries.

Trusted Partners


The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association


years of experience in the development and production of innovative sun sail systems.


of UV protection. The fabric is a sunblock and making the outdoor feeling like home.


enormous fabric tension even at 40 feet extension, maximum width of 23 feet.

Let’s talk about Numbers

Sunshield makes a luxury shade experience at restaurants, cafes, hotels and outside lounges. Sunshield is the largest Sunshade System all over the world. Directly made for your business.

The Sunshield solution for your business

Do you need a flexible shade solution? Sunshield for your home will be the perfect solution. Reducing your cooling cost for your home, protect you against skincancer and make a luxury outdoor living feeling.

The Sunshield solution for your home

American made

Developed in Germany and build in Texas with the highest Quality Material to last longer and  High Quality selection of proven Fabrics. High Quality Powder Coating on all aluminum parts.

5 Years Warranty

100 % Customizable. The patented Balancer System makes it almost impossible to destroy the Awning.

Largest retractable Awning

Completely customizable up to 23’ x 40’ for a single One, you can connect several Units to shade even larger Areas. Nearly any desired Area can be shade.

Easy to Handle

Full automatic Control System and Self-monitoring System via  Sun / Wind Automatic, operated over a remote control.

Multiple Applications

The Sunshield can be used everywhere – for Residential Homes and large Terraces for Outdoor Living; Restaurants, Kindergarten; Pool Areas; Break Areas; Marketplaces and a lot more….

Can be used anywhere

Can be installed on almost every Facade or light mounting Surface, as very low tensile Forces act on the mounting Surface - the Stand Alone System offers an additional Option.

Unmatched arguments in favor 
of the

make it unique & luxurious.

shade_system_retractable_shade_sail_shade_sail_ installer_sunshieldsail_

The Sunshield is a large motorized sail shade using motors and cables to deploy and retract a large fabric awning with the touch of a button. Or better yet, the Sunshield can adapt to the sun, wind, or rain automatically using onboard sensors. The best part about Sunshield is you don't need to remove it for snow storms - just roll it in. No other shading product can provide the size and versatility for large areas like playgrounds, pools, root terraces, and restaurant patios.

Nothing can disfigure the SunShield.

shade_system_retractable_shade_sail_shade_sail_ installer_sunshieldsail_

Creating an underused deck, balcony, patio or other outside area into new usable living space. A new outdoor Lifestyle feeling under the Sunshield - for relaxation or entertaining. Our sunshield is always attractive addition for your deck or patio. In addition, sunshield are the perfect shade system for pools, terrace, restaurants or cafe. The perfect turnkey solution for your unique home or business.

Shadow like you want.

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