SunShield Benefits

Unbeatable arguments for Sunshield:

  • patent tension sytem allows full-surface shading
  • patent shaade sail system
  • patent wind relief system by free floating suspension
  • high water resistance
  • mounting on any facade or light ground possible
  • almost every desired surface can be shaded
  • maximum width of 700cm
  • Maximum projection up to 1300cm / 42ft
  • easy and quik installation
  • unbeatable in price compared to conventional solutions
  • making the outdoor feeling like home
  • more effective use of space
  • The fabric is waterproof up to a water column of 1000mm
  • high UV protection - The fabric is a sunblock of at least 80+
  • The fabric is self-cleaning thanks to the new EASYCLEAN technology from Sattler
  • open up new living areas
  • unique, protected tilt adjustment allows height adjustment of the fabric
  • no other shade can provide so much shade in one piece.
  • multiple uses such restaurants, cafe`s, Bars, Nightclubs, large terraces, pool areas, break areas, kindergarten and marketplaces
    and and and

SunShield - your perfect solution - for your favorite outdoor area.