Creation of Sunshield Shade Sail

We, the company dubau, headquarters in Kiel, Germany - has been developing and manufacturing innovative sun protection technology of the highest standard for more than 55 years - for excellent technology, awesome design and perfect functionality.

The SunShield is the latest product from dubau. With a development and construction time of over 3 years, the SunShield is one of the biggest tasks we have solved so far.

With the SunShield, we have combined all the benefits of an awning and a shade sail. It can be electrically rolled in, like an awning and can be as big as a tightly stretched shade saile. We have used only the best materials and combined it with a high-quality fabrics from Sattler, which is waterproof and extremely resistant. The result was our SunShield, the Shade Sail System.

Long trials and various prototypes have allowed this product to become ready for series production so that we are now proud to present this product.

The tasks we had set ourselves were:

  1. usable in wind and rain
  2. to shade really big areas
  3.  transfer little, almost no windforce to the façade

And after the product reached series maturity, we first recognized the real qualities of the product. And especially for the restaurant area discovered its applications.