The most innovative Sun Protection Solution of all time

SunShield - The Retractable Shade Sail

The SunShield was designed by dubau - a german brand - for sun, wind and rain to give you the best possible quality of life on your patio. Even the largest areas can be shaded without problems. This unique shade system combining style, function and strongness like no other retractable system in the shading industry.
Sun, strong wind or rain showers - nothing can disfigure the SunShield.

Outdoor Livestyle. Shadow like you want.

Creating an underused deck, balcony, patio or other outside area into new usable living space. A new outdoor lifestyle feeling under the Sunshield - for relaxation or entertaining. Our Sunshield is always attractive addition for your deck or patio. In addition, Sunshield are the perfect shade system for pools, terrace, restaurants or cafe. The perfect turnkey solution for your unique home or business.

Sun, Rain or Wind - Who Cares ?

The Sunshield is a large motorized sail shade using motors and cables to deploy and retract a large fabric awning with the touch of a bottom.  Or better yet, the Sunshield can adapt to the sun, wind, or rain automatically using onboard sensors.  The best part about Sunshield is you don’t need to remove it for snow storms – just roll it in.  No other shading product can provide the size and versatility for large areas like playgrounds, pools, roof terraces, and restaurant patios.  Our system can easily span 23’ and project out 42’.  Combine more than one and you get over 1900 square feet of shade.

Download Prospekt Private Edition

Private Edition - the solution for your home

do you need a flexible shade solution? Sunshield for your home will be the perfect solution. Reducing your cooling cost for your home, protect you against skincancer and make a luxury outdoor living feeling.

Download Prospekt Gastro Edition

Business Edition - the solution for your business

Sunshield make a luxury shade experience at restaurants, cafe´s, hotels and outside lounges. . Sunshield can be used anywhere. And - Sunshield is the largest Sunshade System all over the world. Directly made for your business.

Sunshield Benefits:

  • designed for sun; strong wind and rainshower
  • decrease energy bills
  • Easy and quick installation, almost on any facade or ground possible
  • unique patent protected inclination adjustment allows the height adjustment of the awning sail
  • fabric is mold resistant impregnated and coated on both sides
  • customized to your building or space area 
  • protect furnishing, art and decor from harmful UVA / UVB rays
  • waterproof and self-cleaning thanks to the new EASYCLEAN technology from Sattler
  • perfect for restaurants, cafe´s, outside areas, pool areas, marketplaces, patios and living areas