Shade like you want!

You have a great open space that you would like to shade perfectly. But the normal shading systems can not give you the shade you need. The awnings do not offer as much shade, umbrellas twist at the slightest wind, other systems can not be attached to your facade. You don´t get the right sunprotection you would like.

Everything could be different with SunShield ...

using our Sunshield is unlimited:


Whether in restaurats, schools, kindergarten, retirement homes, social facilities;  at the beach; as a roofing system over swimming pools or just at your home.  SunShield can be used anywhere. Sunshield can spend you more shade as you need. When you have no options to mount a shading system, your choice ist Sunshield. Sunshield can stand alone  where you want. And, more over, easy to handle. The SunShield is generally supplied with a remote handheld control and a wind and sun sensor. Creating a self-sufficient system for the ultimate in comfort.  It´s a convenience and the most sophisticated system you can have. You will love it - sitting under Sunshield to enjoy the weather outside and be protected.