Technology + Design

SunShield sets new standards in the world of sun protection. The design, the technology and above all the size of the shadow which you can reach now. Designed for the high-end customer. Sunsheld can create a luxury shade at Nightclubs, hotels, office complexes, sporting venues,restaurants, café;  upscale residences and much more

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for mounting: brackets and protective roof


Due to the many well-thought-out solutions of the product, only very small forces (net weight of the system) are dissipated to the fassade. Lightweight facades can already carry the SunShield, as there are no heavy attachments (consoles) with solid dowels. Our bearing brackets are made of 8mm thick marine grade stainless steel which are attached to the facade.

For additional protection, you can use an extruded, powder-coated aluminum protective roof.

Die Befestigung: Konsolen mit Schutzdach
The electronic components


It must be safe and reliable. The SunShield is a roll-up shade system, which is powered by an electric drive (manufacturer Nice; Simu; Becker). To add a higher level of comfort, we've upgraded the SunShield with wireless wind sensor and a handheld remote control.

And if you forget to pull in the sail - it doesn`t matter. The sun and wind sensor cares about it.

Die elektronischen Komponenten
Our fabric tube

Our SunShield fabric tube is made of special extruded aluminum. The shape allows a smooth winding of the high quality fabric from Sattler and Serge Ferrari.

Unsere SunShield Tuchwelle
The fabric


We offer high-quality fabrics by Sattler and Serge Ferrari in various colors. The quality of the fabric (according to DIN 60001) is specially designed for the SunShield sail. The bond according to DIN ISO 9354 and a basis weight of 235g / m² and more. The sail fabric of the SunShield is mold-resistant impregnated, coated on both sides, dirt-resistant and waterproof. The concave shape give the fabric more strongness. The cloth tightens itself with every extension. A white break are almost completely excluded.

Der Segelstoff - Farben
Our Sunshield failure profile

Our failure profile is made of extruded aluminum, powder-coated in RAL. Designed in an ellipsened so that the fabric does not sag even at a width of 23 feet (7m).

Unsere SunShield Unterleiste
Our SunShield Tension Wire Balancer

Our SunShield Tension Wire Balancer has the task of keeping the fabric in the right position in strong winds. In strong side winds, the roller block can swing to the left or right to the side and keeps the fabrics in the correct position when rolling or unrolling.


Unser SunShield Spannseilbalancer
Pull wire with lockable carabiner

The connection between the pull wire and our SunShield wire tensioning device is made by a lockable carabiner, which was made of marine grade stainless steel (V2A). So you can also relieve the plant during seasonal shutdown of the plant, during maintenance or other situations.

Das Stahlseil mit Verschlusssystem
Our Sunshield Poles

Really impressive and yet for the size filigree and elegant. The Poles are made of an extruded multi-cavity aluminum system, powder coated in façade quality. In this profile, the ropes are guided and deflected, in the version with our SunShield height adjustment, the post includes all the techniques of height adjustment.

Die Standpfosten
Deflexction of the pull wire

The deflection of the pull wire in the post is made by a large pulley, which consists of high impact resistant and wear-free POM plastic. Thanks to the laterally enclosed ball bearings, the steel wire can be pulled in and out at any time - for the least amount of wear.

Die Stahlseilumlenkung
Our Sunshield high adjustment System

manual system

You can use our height adjustment to adjust the sail to lower at a pole post point. By cranking the post, the fabric can be lowered down to 3 feet / 1m.

Against deep standing sun or against the rain and storm.

automatic system

is the high-end solution. With a rain sensor and tube engine with a handheld remote conrol. When it start to rain, the rain sensor get wet and adjust the fabric lower at the pole position point automaticly. So all the rain can run in one direction. The sunny wether comes back the senor get dry and the fabric go to the starting point back.


Unsere SunShield Höhenverstellung
Our Sunshield balancer


Our heart of the SunShield. Our pulling system (patent pending)  with a strongness pulling power of 45 - 83 kg / 100 - 185 lbs (depending on the size of the system). For consistent strongness in every position. When strong wind reach under the sail, the balancer releases the fabric as long as the wind need. But as soon as the wind subsides, the sail is tightened at the same moment. So there is no way, to destroy or damaged the fabric or the system througt wind, rain or storm.


Our Sunshield Shade System has multiple EU,US and Worldpatents and is copyright by dubau jalousien, rolladen und rolltorbau GmbH, Kiel  Germany